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Demographic and Location Data Providers

We are dedicated to providing our clients the best service possible. We specialize in providing data related to the geographic location of businesses and the markets in which they operate. We service our clients in a consultant role to assist in analyzing their existing markets and planned expansions.

What we offer

Your Geographic Information Systems and Geocoding TOTAL SOLUTION!

We offer a wide range of Domestic and International GIS, database and geocoding services. As a specialty geocoding firm we can geocode domestic addresses to the parcel, street address and zipcode levels. Internationally, we can provide street address level geocoding for many countries across the globe. ALL AT SOME OF THE LOWEST PRICES IN THE INDUSTRY!


Parcel Level Domestic Geocoding

Geodata Consultants, Inc. utilizes systems such as Proxix Solutions and NAVTEQ to attain the highest level of batch accuracy within our geocoding process. Along with 120 million US parcels and the Navteq street database, we utilize numerous other geocoding only programs to provide you with highly accurate geographic analysis solutions at rock bottom prices.

Street Address Level International Geocoding

We have the ability to geocode your international records to street address level for numerous countries including Canada, Germany, the UK, the majority of Europe and more. Contact us today for an international quote.

Data and Image Conversion Services

Utilizing the most current and advanced mapping and database software, we can convert your formatted files into almost any format. Our firm has experts in MapInfo, ESRI, Arcview, MapMarker and many other software versions.

Custom Database Solutions and Mapping Solutions

Let us help you identify your geographic analysis and data needs and assist you in finding the best solution to suit your industry.