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Database Enhancement Services

Database enhancement involves adding or appending new domestic or international data elements to existing data records. As clients gather and compile vast repositories of customer and prospect information, the need to enhance these databases for purposes of analyzing and producing reports increases dramatically.

Parcel Level Domestic Geocoding

In order to provide the most accurate geocoding possible, we utilize industry leading software solutions including Proxix Solutions, Inc. and NAVTEQ. The unique algorithms in PxPoint by Proxix Solutions along with the NAVTEQ street files enable us to locate more addresses more accurately. Along with the Navteq Street Database we have acquired over 120 million parcel centroids throughout the US and utilized those parcels to apply the most accurate batch geocode level in the industry.

International Geocoding

Our multitude of software solutions and global partners allow us the ability to geocode numerous countries across the globe to the street address level.

Mapping Solutions

We can provide custom mapping solutions for numerous business applications in a variety of formats, including:
Customer Location Analysis, Site Location Display, Radius Analysis, Drive-Time Studies, Area Analysis....and many more!

Services Overview

Your Total GIS and Geocoding Solution Firm

Custom mapping, analysis and database applications along with parcel or street address geocodes are our specialties. All at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Services Listings

  1. Geocoding
  2. Consumer Data Research
  3. Telecom Data Appends
  4. Census and Demographic
  5. Markets Data and Analysis
  6. Distribution Analysis
  7. Radii Analysis
  8. Custom Mapping and Database Design